Friday, November 27, 2009

Screen | Marry Me Bella

My answer will be definitely YES! That is if I'm Bella.

The ending just ended with Edward asking Bella to marry him so that he will change her. What!!??? I need to wait another year for ECLIPSE! It's really, really a long wait. But I can tell you that ECLIPSE would be great and so will BREAKING DAWN.

NEW MOON is what I expected. Just like the book, it was not as exciting as TWILIGHT. This time Jacob has buffed up to become the Werewolf. Real toned up! When he took off this shirt, all the 'uuhh' and 'ahhh' went on in the cinema. Hehehe. Yeah he's cool. But Edward is still the one I'm gawking at.

One thing for sure is the CG is nicer. And it followed the book. All the important elements was in there. Those who read the book should know. Let me keep in simple ~ Edward left Bella thinking that it would be safer for her. Jacob was the substitute *yea, it's cruel to say that* Bella started to do reckless stuff to catch a glimpse of Edward. And in one stupid incident, Edward really believe that Bella is dead. He went suicidal ~ asking the Volturi *aka vampire Tai Ko* to kill him. Not succeeding in persuading them to kill him, he planned to show the world about vampires. And TADA! Bella came to save him! *for once*

Hmm. I'm good in summarizing. Hehehe. It's better to go see yourself. I wouldn't mind going for it again. And to see Edward again ~ and again ~ and again ~ *you get the point*

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