Monday, August 31, 2009

Couch | Me Outdated

I've been controlling my expenses nowadays. Need to cut down. Times are bad. So, just stayed home and watched some expired DVD. Anyone remember Knowing? It's a movie with Nicolas Cage. I can't blame you for not remembering this. It was not promoted widely and I don't thinl it stayed on the silver screen for long.

Fret not. Got it downloaded *ops* It was crystal clear *ops* Anyway, it was a good movie. Not as grand as Transformers but it was good. Knowing the future is the main storyline. It's about knowing that the world you've been living in will end soon. Yeah! The plot sounds familiar. It's a natural phenomenon that I've heard it's really been predicted to happen.

The sun as we all know is a ball of fire and sometimes it burst out flames. And you also know that Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Do the calculation... *tick, tock, tick, tock* The flame will reach Earth and will destroy it. No where to run, no where to hide.

This time the alien came to the rescue *well, kind of* Choosing kids to another planet to start human race again. And you start to wonder, when will the "KNOWING" comes in? Somehow a girl from 5 decades ago heard whispers from these aliens and she noted it down in codes. 5 decades later, this codes came to John (Nicolas Cage) and he decipher it. Matching it with worldwide death events for the last 50 years. *Canggih, kan?*

Anyway, I liked it. You? Maybe after reading this, you might not want to watch it already, rite? Hehehe.

Next in line, the 3 hours long ~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Yes, the one with Brad Pitt it it. And yes, I was waiting for Benjamin to grow into Brad Pitt. Ahhh....

This is a long one. It was a real curiosity for me about Benjamin. You might already know that he was born old and grew younger. And that's all you know. But there's a love story behind this curios story. Imagine that you can live with your other half for a few years before one grows older and the other grows younger. The pain of the separation and the agony seeing your loved one taking the last breath lying in your hands.

Well, this movie takes you through all these. A very sad one, I must say. Be prepared.

31st August 2009 ~ a decade


It's been a decade. Yeap, it's been a long journey. I'm happy that I went through this decade with you :)

~love you~

**photos grabbed from Alf & Bubu

Monday, August 24, 2009

Screen | UP

UP, UP & AWAY...

To 3D? Not to 3D? Well, I think the 3D is not worth it. Cost: RM17! Yes! This is not a typo. I saw it at Cineleisure. And I don't really think it's worth the price.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the movie. I loved it. It's just that the 3D was not a 'Waaahhhhh' factor. Better go for the 2D.

I left the cinema with a bitter sweet feeling. Bitter coz of the beginning of the movie, it started off with a kinda sad feeling. You know what I mean when you go see it. Carl and Ellie is the happiest couple you've ever seen. Even without children, they had each other =)

To fulfill a dream that Ellie once had when she met Carl for the first time, he got themselves a trip to Venezuela. Unfortunately the trip never happen *boo hoo* Continuing his life alone, comes in Russell - an 8 year old Wilderness Explorer. With Russell, they went to an adventure to South America - Paradise Fall in his floating house ~ Ellie's wish to have her house there.

It was sad and happy and also left me feeling all tingling. Feeling that Ellie wasn't there with Carl but also feeling Russell being there with Carl. Not to mention, it was funny too. I wanted to pinch Russell so much... So cute...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halo | Baby Isaiah

22nd August, marks the day of Ling's birthday and also her baby's Full Moon. Let me introduce you to *drum rolls* Baby Isaiah! Here's the proud Mommy and Daddy. Congratulations!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trippin | Booze @ Langkawi

My annual 'passport stamping' trip won't happen this year. So, let's just settle with some local spot! I know, I know, H1N1 is on the loose. That doesn't stop the world from moving, right?

Jewel of Kedah ~ Langkawi. That's the destination. What comes into mind? Cheap booze! Cheap booze! And cheap chocolates too :) Having to get the cheapest tix from Air Asia, we got the 4.20pm flight and reached Langkawi around 5.30pm. Yeah it was delayed a bit. No surprise :(

Once reached, we had our drivers ~ Alf & GKoe! Yeay!!! Had a nice Thai dinner and headed back to our Langkasuka Resort to our stash. *hic! hic!*

Only RM100++ ~ cheap, right?

The very next morning, being very healthy ~ we went to Mount Mat Chinchang. The highest longest cable car ride that I've ever taken. Scary too! But it's worth it. The view is breath-taking. And I'm not talking about the haze. Surprisingly it was not hazy.


After the mountain, we went to the sea *kinda*. Langkasuka Resort is just along the beach. A plus point! It's not as nice as Tanjung Rhu or Datai Bay. But it's peaceful and quiet. The sun was a bit shy to set openly but it will do :)

It was a sunny day the next day and we spent most of the morning at the beach and the pool. I think I got tanned. Bubu was trying to get a tan buy grilling herself under the sun. But she just got her nose tan! Hahahaha! Gnet was bronzed too. And she was under the shade like me. Those wants to be tanned can't get it. Those not really wanting to be tanned, got tanned. Hmmm...

Sunglasses out!

Here's the gang! The ol' Kelabu Serata Dunia. And YES! WE MISS YOU KENNY! Wish you were here to go bonkers with us...

Till we meet again on our next trip... And Alf ~~~ BON VOYAGE! All the best in Singapore!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Halo | OMG

OMG! That was what my team was... Hahaha... It was a coincident that our T-shirt has "OMG" on it. I was on an away-day with the 'pasar'ing department. Venue at Sunway Lagoon. No sleepover trip like the other department. Sigh...

But we had a wet and wild day. And guess what? OMG won first place! Muahaha! Not much drama from our team compared with the others. There's the Gangster team, the 'Gek Pan' team and the Cow Milk team.

Was a tiring day and ended with a yummy dinner at Borneo Rainforest. Not bad lah...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trippin | Cameron

It's been quite a while from my last trip to Cameron Highlands. I think roughly about 3-4 years? Well, this time I went with my new colleagues. A bunch of ladies! Can imagine how noisy a group of 12 ladies? Hehehe. We're real head-turners.

Right after Friday's work, we drove to Ipoh to stay a night at Rachel's. And we had the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice, of coz. The very next morning, had dim sum *how come everyone goes to Ipoh must have dim sum for breakfast? I'll never know* So, it's either "Ming Kok" or "Fuh San" ~ just opened a newly renovated shop.

Then up we go to Cameron using the new road from Simpang Pulai. Much more easier compared with the old road. That's why there's a crowd in Cameron.

breath in~breath out~ahhhh...

First thing comes to mind? STRAWBERRY!!! Not one of my favorite fruit but can lah. Being at Cameron, how can you not eat strawberry? Just look at it? But it won't last long :( I think the good ones already being sent to downhill. Fetch a better price than selling to tourists. The next day it went all soggy. So, have to eat it once you buy it.

First thing you'll see

The second thing you'll think of ~ BOH TEA

BOH Tea Centre. Needs a good driver to maneuver the narrow road. A real challenge! After much nail-biting incident, we've reached our destination. There's a nice Tea House made by glass and metal where you can enjoy a cuppa. But be prepared to be told that the tea you've ordered is out-of-stock! What a joke! Tea out-of-stock in a Tea Centre.

Found this place called Strawberry Moment near the evening market. It serves, well of course strawberry food! Not too pricey with some nice looking desserts. Worth a try!

Strawberry Strudels

Strawberry Fondue

Besides stuffing strawberries, we had steamboat. Just choose those with fare amount of customers. Don't go to those deserted steamboat restaurant. It's deserted for a reason. Hehe. Fruits and veggie is very cheap and fresh! We had Rambutans, Mangosteen, Sweet Potato and Jagung! That's for us to eat!

Next morning we barge into the market to grab stuff back home. Things are sold by pieces not by kgs. Flowers are available too. But this time there wasn't much variety. As a whole it's been a good trip :) But I'm really looking forward to my Langkawi trip with the x Kelabu Sedunia people! That would be a great trip!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Screen | Joes

Here we go again for another comic/cartoon-made-movie. I'm not a huge fan of G.I. Joe, but I kinda know what's the cartoon about.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ~ an action-packed movie, I can give you that. Loads of cool weapons and explosions happening. But the CG is nothing to be proud of. Those coppers are clearly super-imposed. Just look at those blurred edges! Hahaha.

Other than that, the movie was OK. The plot was the bad guys stealing the new tech bomb to cripple the world with war. But that was only a diversion to a bigger plan ~ to become the world's leader without other people noticing. Well, the storyline is as expected. No surprise.

As for the cast, not very well-known. But, there's a Korean! Uh-huh! Byung-hun Lee. You might remember him from some of the Korean dramas. I can't remember which one that I saw him first. But he was real cool!

He plays Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe. He's one of the bad guys, sad to say that. Maybe coz the devilish look that he has. So, so cool! *slurrp* Don't you think so?

Halo | Tiki GOD :)

*ugah~ugah* I have a sudden urge to say that! Hehehe. What do we have here? Cute looking Tiki on the loose. Weng got me this t-shirt from a friend of his. The main character is none other than ~ TIKI GOD himself. Do check out to see more :)

It comes in a nice box with a woven bag. A closer look at the box. Lot'sa hard work has been put in to have this kinda success.

And have a look inside! I got a notebook, 3 small badges and 1 big badge. Kawa-i neh... You can choose from a whole lots of stuff at the shop @ Jaya One. I was really spoilt by choices of the badges.

Weng and me got ourselves each one. Just look at the badges. If you were here, you really don't know which one to take. But you can always buy extra.

I got the HAPPY GOD. Laughing out loud, actually. Mine is white while Weng got the NAUGHTY GOD that is in black. Quality wise - not bad, not bad at all.

I sure hope that this can be famous here :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Halo | Ladies Night!

I know, I know, It;s a Wednesday. But Sanctuary is having Ladies Night on Wednesday. Free flow of Vodka, Gin, Rum & Whisky for ladies starting 10pm. But if you wanna to eat something at the same time, come earlier coz the kitchen close by early.

The drinks are OK OK. Nothing much to brag about. But I do have some feedback on the staff. First, they are not local ~ never mind. Second, they can't speak English well ~ really difficult to communicate. Sigh.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a crowd. Just a few tables filled up. Hmmm, Maybe people just like to jostle around a lot of people :)

So, I had a few drinks as my colleagues too. But 2 of them 'high-high' after 2 drinks. Hahaha. And I was called "chin pui pat jui" ~ translation: thousand glass also not drunk. Hahaha, I wish I can live it up as per their claim.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Halo | Darlie

Found the right guy? Going out for a date? Here's to help you out! And you can win a price too! *OK this line sounds cheesy, hahahaha*

I've been getting lotsa complains from my friends about my updates on Brushing My Teeth, everyday! For 14 days. Well, I just told them I want to win this contest ~ All White Contest by DARLIE. Come here ~

The thing is; nowadays everyone is on FB. So, where's the best place to popularize this contest? BINGO. Fret not if you don't have a FB account *BOO!!!* You can always go to their main website.

There's 7 tasks to complete within the 14 days, starting day you join the contest. It's very easy. Just follow their instructions and upload 3 photos ~ you with your white dress choice, you with your white shoes choice *this is for your white date :)* and 1 more photo (special task) is you with DARLIE. Sounds easy? It is!

What's a contest without a great row of prizes? Here's what I'm playing for. The Grand Prize ~ Luxury White handbag. First Prize ~ iPhone, Second Prize ~ Sony VAIO P Series Notebook and Consolation Prize ~ Sony MP3 Player. Not bad eh?

I want the Sony VAIO P Series Notebook. I want it coz it's gorgeous! And I love to surf the net anytime, anywhere. And being WHITE, it's a plus! I just need another photo with DARLIE.

So, I got the white dress and shoe photos. Submitted. And right after I submit the last photo, I shall leave it to the God's hand. *keeping all my fingers and toes crossed*

What do you think? Do I stand a chance? :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Halo | Whew...

Today was a real tiring day... Monday is full force reporting day. I really wonder, I want to run away from reporting but end up doing reporting again. Hmmm. Can't runaway from it? I have no idea. But I do miss media.

Maybe I could marry a rich guy and quit job. Hahaha. That would be fun. Job scope ~ do hair, do nails, shopping, coffee, etc. In a dream, maybe :) Let's just call it a day and head to bed!

Good nite!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food | Canton-i @ 1 Utama

~muahahaha~ Well, kinda lah. Yesterday, went to this restaurant ~ Canton-i at 1 Utama with Weng, Fong & Rachel. That is, after 2 hours of karaoke *de-stressing session* So, we headed to have PORK! *oink~ oink*

As you can see, the 'char siew' & 'siew yoke' is the most we ordered. And damn! It's delicious! I know it's fattening but hey, once it a while can lah. Rachel had the combination set where you can choose between 'char siew', 'siew yoke' & duck. Here we have the wantan mee with 'siew yoke' eaten by Weng. A bit oily and shiny, he claimed.

Even the 'char siew'~'siew yoke' rice it tempting. Fong didn't even leave any piece lying around uneaten. Hehe.

OK. I was the boring one who ordered the porridge. Erm. Can't remember which one. There was a lot of porridge selection, ranging from RM4++ to RM20++. Mine is with cabbage and some weied tasting fish balls. But I think the plain porridge is good enough. Very, very smooth. Yummy!

After gallopping sinfully, we washed it down with chinese tea and flower tea. Chinese tea comes like this ~ very cross cultural. It looks like we're having western tea. While flower tea comes in a glass. Very beaitifu, I must say looking at the flower blooming when hot water hits it.

There you go. Not bad ~ a bit pricey but the pork ~ PASS!